Corruption in Engineering Procurement
The Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (SLIE) announces a public lecture on Corrunption in Engineering Procurement on Friday, 11th November 2016 at Cathedral House, Gloucester Street. This public lecture is open to the general public. Come and learn and join the discussion.  Featuring: Mr. Ady Macauley, Esq, Anti-Corruption Commission, Sierra Leone.

Date:  Frida, 11th November 2016

SLIE Newsletter Volume 2
  Newsletter Editon 2Dear Engineers and friends of engineering, The Second Issue of the Engineering Forum continues its tradition of presenting interesting articles from our profession and relevant information to our readers. The topical debate on Power and water supply has been given a platform as well as the issue of graduate employability. We hope you will continue to contribute to your Newsletter with articles addressing our society’s many challeng-es with a view to proffering solutions that will provide comfort and safety of life and property through engineering practice. I wish to thank the Editor and all contributors to this Issue. Please send your comments to us so that each publication will be better than the previous one in content, relevance and inclusivity. Happy reading. Ing. Prof. Jonas Redwood-Sawyerr, President, SLIE The Second Issue of the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers Newsletter is out now! Please be the first to grab a hard copy or download a copy online.  Please feel free to contribute to future articles.    Download your copy here..
Princes Foundation Course for Building Communities
The Princes Foundation is offering a free course on Sustainable Design. This will be a five week (4 day a week) programme which aims to assist young people in the industry gain a better understanding of how to think through and design sustainably for tropical countries, like ours. It will be a combination of lectures, demonstrations, workshops and tours, all aimed at providing the tools for better designing. Deadline: Saturday 15 October 2016. Read More
Public Notice - Collapsed Building at Savage Square
collapsed building at SS

Collapsed Savage Square building

In the wake of its successful Biennial Conference with the theme: National Disaster Risk Management and Preparedness : An Engineering perspective for resilience, the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (SLIE) and the Professional Engineers Registration Council (PERC) view with great concern the effects of sub-standard building construction, poor infrastructural civil works and waste disposal in drainages leading to disasters like collapsed buildings, blocked drainages, flooding, soil and road erosion. Of particular note is a four-storey dwelling house under construction that collapsed by Savage Square during the week ending 9th July 2016.
The SLIE/PERC wish the general public to note that on several occasions they have notified Government of such sub-standard structures and the hazard they pose to public safety if allowed to continue with little or no preventive action.
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SLIE Communique on Disaster Risk Management - Biennial Conference 2016
The conference is acutely aware that:

  1. Sierra Leone faces many natural hazards including meteorological hazards which cover drought, tropical storm thunder and lightning and Hydrological hazards which include flooding and erosion and in addition many manmade disasters caused by deforestation, coastal sand mining, artisanal aggregate mining and other factors.
  2. Recent natural disasters have had considerable adverse consequences on lives and property resulting in displacement of people and the concomitant provision of temporary relief to displaced persons.

Read the Full Communique here

SLIE Education Committee works on CPD Program
CPD prgmThe  SLIE  Education Committee is working on a structured 5-year review process for continuous development of SLIE members. Members will be reviewed every 5 years and can contribute to their professional development through courses, delivering papers at conferences, training young engineers and the like.  Read More under Professional Development.
SLIE Newsletter Laumched
Newsletter Editon 2The Second Issue of the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers Newsletter is out now! Please be the first to grab a hard copy or download a copy online.  Please feel free to contribute to future articles.    Download your copy here..
SLWE Saturday Club
Pupils at the first Sat Club Meeting

Pupils at the SLIE for the Saturday Club every month

In July, young upcoming engineering pupils paid a site visit to the workshop of Dad’s Car Centre. They toured workshop with personnel. Some pupils afterwards said they would now be interested in becoming Mechanical Engineers. The pupils were drawn from 4 secondary schools in Freetown. Stay tuned for the picture gallery.    

SLIE/PERC public position on sub-standard engineering works
PERC recently sent a letter to the Ministry of Works Housing and Infrastructure condemning all the infrastructural sub-standard buildings and other projects going on in Sierra Leone. The letter also urged the Ministry to accept the recommendations made to the PERC act.