Statement from Sierra Leone Women Engineers at the Women for Climate Launch

Statement from Sierra Leone Women Engineers at the Women for Climate Launch

Sierra Leone Women Engineers is a special interest group of the wider Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers, focused on ensuring the ongoing and sustained participation of women in Engineering. As women engineering professionals in Sierra Leone, our aim is to increase the participation of women in engineering by highlighting and showcasing the activities of female engineers and generating sufficient awareness of engineering as a career for girls in Sierra Leone.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide a forum for promoting sorority among female engineers
  • To encourage engineering studies and practice among female Sierra Leoneans
  • To create a platform by which women engineers can collaborate with other women in other professions in Sierra Leone and elsewhere
  • To attract qualified female engineers to become members of SLIE and to participate actively in its work.
  • Since our group was founded in 2013, we have worked diligently to
  • Mentor young secondary school girls exposing them to practical skills in various engineering disciplines
  • Provide support for women in engineering careers
  • Organize site visits to engineering related companies and institutions to enhance knowledge and understanding of the profession
  • Increase access to educational materials for women in engineering professions
  • Promote international engineering qualifications for women enabling them to become Chartered Engineers and Incorporated engineers in their fields of discipline

We would like to utilize our professional expertise in construction, built environment, housing, flood mitigation and climate change to assist needy women affected by disasters in Sierra Leone. This partnership with the Freetown City Council is a historic one that enables us to provide mentoring and training for female victims and vulnerable women that enhances communication and advocacy skills.

According to C40’s Deadline 2020 Report, the efforts of cities to tackle climate change over the next four years will be key to achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. The most successful and prosperous cities of the future will be those that can transition to become green, sustainable and inclusive. The mentorship programme has been designed to support and empower future women leaders and it offers a unique platform where young women in cities can develop and implement actions inspired by the “think local, act global” philosophy.

Madam Mayor, it is our pleasure to partner with the City of Freetown to extend our services to enhance mentorship for climate change as pillars of society in the engineering profession.  We are willing to engage in collective sessions as both women leaders and mentors and enhance communication sand advocacy skills, address barriers to adaptation and inspires deeper engagement with climate change issues. We are ready to be stakeholders in the support of a greener, flood-free, disaster-free and resilient city of Freetown through advocacy, sensitization, thought leadership, support structures and networking. As we participate in this historic launch we call on all women leaders in innovation, climate change action and environmental sustainability to support this venture, take advantage of this opportunity to see a Transformed Freetown.

Thank you very much.

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