SLWE visited the St. George Foundation Interim Care Centre for children

The Centre located in Grafton is for children who are temporarily separated from their parents for various reasons including family disputes, incarcerated parents, sick parents, misplaced children and orphans. The foundation works with the Ministry of Social Welfare and always finds next of kin to place the children eventually.

On behalf of SLWE, Ing Trudy Morgan presented them with 1 bag of rice, 1 bag of sugar, 12 hand Sanitizers from Shankerdas, a small bag of onions, toiletries like 2 dozen toothbrushes and 2 dozen toothpastes, 1 dozen bars of soap, and a gallon of cooking oil. She led a song “If you’re happy and you know it…” with the children and child protection officers to which we all clapped, stamped our feet and shook ourselves a little bit. It was wonderful time. She asked the children if they knew who an engineer was and explained about some fields of engineering that were represented. The Lady in charge of the ICC, Ms. Justina Conteh, told us that this was not the first time engineers had visited the Centre. She expressed their appreciation for the items but said she was grateful for our prayers which were even more important. Finally, a young eloquent male resident gave a vote of thanks.

Finally, SLWE will be donating a hand washing station to the community outside the SLIE Secretariat at New England at the Podapoda parking lot. The handwashing station comes with a 500 litre tank from Shankerdas and  foot pedal dispensers for soap and water.  The presentation will be made to the Chairman of the area on Tuesday 14 April.

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