Sierra Leone Women Engineers supports the Government’s COVID-19 Response

Yesterday, Saturday 11 April 2020, the Sierra Leone Women Engineers donated Hand Sanitizers, toiletries, food items and clothing to two institutions ahead of the government mandated curfew beginning yesterday.

Led by our able executive, Ing. Georgette Greene, ladies donated up to *Le, 7,250,000* and men and women’s clothes. Funds were used to purchase several items including hand Sanitizers, toiletries and food items.

SLWE members rallied and contributed generously to this great effort.

Representatives from sirra Leone woman engineers

Yesterday, we first visited the King George’s Old People’s Home where we met the Administrator, Mrs. Cassandra Johnson. After a little time of prayer and praise fellowship with them, SLWE presented them with 1 bag of rice, 1 dozen hand Sanitizers from Shankerdas, a small bag of onions, carton of sardines, 2 dozen toothbrushes, 1 dozen bars of soap, 2 dozen toothpastes, 1  gallon of cooking oil, 1 bag of sugar and men and women’s clothes.

Flanked by our team of representatives, Ing. Georgette, Ing. Rugiatu Koroma, Ing. Louise Chaytor, Ing. Monica Sellu, Ing. Winifred Williamson- Taylor, the President of SLWE, Ing. Trudy Morgan shared with the residents that our organisation was concerned about them, thinking of them and wanted to share the food, hand Sanitizers, toiletries and clothes to help them through the difficult times we are in. She also said we were presenting them with sugar to give a little sweetness to ther lives..

The residents sang a beautiful song and expressed their sincere appreciation for the donations.

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