PUBLIC NOTICE – Collapsed Building at Savage Square

Public Notice - Collapsed Building at Savage Square
collapsed building at SS
Collapsed Savage Square building
In the wake of its successful Biennial Conference with the theme: National Disaster Risk Management and Preparedness : An Engineering perspective for resilience, the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (SLIE) and the Professional Engineers Registration Council (PERC) view with great concern the effects of sub-standard building construction, poor infrastructural civil works and waste disposal in drainages leading to disasters like collapsed buildings, blocked drainages, flooding, soil and road erosion. Of particular note is a four-storey dwelling house under construction that collapsed by Savage Square during the week ending 9th July 2016.
The SLIE/PERC wish the general public to note that on several occasions they have notified Government of such sub-standard structures and the hazard they pose to public safety if allowed to continue with little or no preventive action.
Substandard Civil Works
Obvious sub-standard civil works

In trying to empower both Councils to arrest such defective construction, the PERC submitted a revision of its 1990 Act for the attention of the Minister of Works five years ago.

While our hopes have been restored by the recent assurance by the current Minister of Works and Infrastructure to expedite action on the tabling of the revised Act in Parliament, these defective buildings and roads continue to be constructed by unscrupulous contractors at the expense of public safety.

The SLIE has initiated investigation on the cause of the collapse of the building at Savage Square and will be forwarding a report to Government in due course for necessary action. Disciplinary action by the PERC is also envisaged against the designer and or contractor when identified.

The public is reassured that the SLIE/PERC will continue to partner with Government to identify such sub-standard structures until it is empowered by its revised Act to take legal action against such non-compliant contractors.


Signed and Submitted by

Ing Prof Jonas Redwood-Sawyerr
President SLIE


Ing Tani Pratt                                   
Chairman, PERC

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