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<style=”font-family:Verdana, Arial;”> This Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers body was formed in 1970 and became a statutory body by an Act of Parliament which was passed into law on 13th March 1990.

The main objectives of the Institution are, inter alia:

  1. Faciliating the advancement of Engineering in all its branches for the improvement and development of Sierra Leone.
  2. Promoting and maintaining the Unity, Public usefulness, honour and interest of its members.
  3. Promoting sound Engineering Practice, Engineering Education in schools and Gender Participation in Engineering
  4. Advising Government on all Engineering Matters.

Within the decade and a half of its existence, the Institution has formed useful relationships with sister Institutions of the Sub Region, i.e. Nigeria and Ghana. The Institution is also registered with the Commonwealth Engineers’ Council and the World Federation of Engineering Organisations both of which the Institution is a fully paid-up member.

Several conferences and public lectures have been held within the past two years addresssing critical National Issues of Water and Electrical Power Shortage in Sierra Leone.

The Institution has now acquired a suitable land for the construction of a ‘state-of-the-art’ headquarters which should be a showpiece in the Sub-Region.
To achieve this, the Institution needs money. Apart from what is garnered from within its membership of 43 Fellows and 434 Corporate, and a number of Graduate and Associate Members coupled with some financial support from some understanding Corporate bodies not much else can be generated. Thus the need for fundraising.

From time to time, the institution will come up with activities to generate the much needed funds for which your support will be much appreciated.


SLIE Secretariat
Government Office Compound
New England, Freetown


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