CPD Courses Successfully completed

The Introduction to Asphalt Technology and Bridge Design and Construction courses both completed successfully on the 19th and 20th June Respectively. Both courses are piloted at  introducing freshmen engineers and already engineers into the field. Whether you are a recent graduate or a smaller company with training constraints, this training course is designed to support ongoing professional development and assist individuals in their quest to achieve professional skilled qualifications.


The need for a national highway network infrastructure comprising well-designed roads that are efficiently managed and maintained cannot be over emphasised, if long term national economic growth and prosperity is to be realised over sustained period of time. As such roads are one of the most valuable assets owned by national governments (including Sierra Leone). Asphalt is primary used in road construction and maintenance, where it is
used as the binder mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete.

For delegates already employed in the highways industry this presentation will provide an ideal platform for career development. The content would also be suitable for recent graduates and those currently involved with asphalt materials who would benefit from refreshing their knowledge.


Participants will acquire underpinning knowledge in relation to asphalt and pavements including safety requirements and contractual procedures relevant to this demanding area of the highway construction industry. Key areas to be covered will include: Constituents of Asphalt; Specifying mixes; Mixing and transportation of asphalt concrete and laying of asphalt concrete. At the end of the lecture delegates will benefit from an improved understanding of asphalts and their use in pavement construction.


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