SLIE Participates in Sierra Leone Innovation Event in London

The Sierra Leone Innovation Event was held at the Royal Academy of Engineering on Monday 29th October 2018.  The theme was Delivering innovation through research, education and entrepreneurial ventures. The event was held in the Al Qasimi room with over 70 attendees from various sectors including professionals from the Sierra Leone diaspora community, UK companies and NGOs with operations in Sierra Leone. The Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers was represented by its President, Prof. Jonas Redwood-Sawyerr, Ing. Trudy Morgan, Vice President, Ing. Georgette Greene-Okyne and two other engineers.

Trudy Morgan highlighted in her opening remarks some of the key messages from the previous week’s Global Engineering Congress at the ICE.  Which dealt with some of the big challenges facing the continent such as delivering the UN’s sustainable development goals and the need for positive action to deal with the causes of climate change. She summarised the new skills required from engineers to take on these global challenges.

Ing. Georgette Greene presented a video that was filmed in Sierra Leone on the innovation activities carried out by the Innovation Team. Ing. Greene is leading on the incubator project which is part 5 of the project.  That team has been working to promote innovation  in different areas across the country.

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