SLIE Biennial Conference 2018 – Call for Papers

Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers
Biennial Conference 2018

The Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (SLIE) will be hosting its Biennial Conference in Freetown, Sierra Leone from the 27th June – 29th June 2018. The Theme for the Conference is:

The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Sustainable National Development.

The rationale or raison d’etre of this biennial conference’s theme is to provide a forum for the
engineering profession in Africa to take a hard look at how innovation and ICT can position the continent and its engineering solutions and improve its place in the global industry.
The conference will offer a platform and an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn lessons
from researchers, practitioners, and academia within and outside Africa on the role ICT can play
in national development. Questions to be addressed include though not limited to the following:

  • How can Africa position itself on the global industry in automation of engineering processes,
  • ease of communication, e-learning and active learning techniques to improve education even in rural settings?
  • How can Africa improve its ICT education and training from primary to the tertiary institutions?
  • How can contract management be improved in engineering projects while ensuring IT security?
  • Are financial institutions in Africa ready to embrace a crypto-currency?
  • What does it mean for engineering procurement?
  • What is the future of ICT infrastructure in Africa?
  • Are countries willing to make the necessary investment in the sector?

These can only occur with strong ICT Infrastructure, improved internet connectivity and enterprise software provisioning.
The Conference will aim to evaluate how we can improve the training of ICT professionals, harness existing and emerging ICT technologies and expand and align our infrastructure to meet the needs of the changing industry in this new era.

SLIE hereby kindly invites you to present a paper in any of the following areas:

  • Automating Engineering processes
  • E-Engineering or crowd-sourcing: Can
    it work for Africa?
  • Cryptocurrency: What it means for
    Engineering contracts
  • Cyber Security
  • Benchmarking Sierra Leone’s ICT
  • ICT Industry Regulation
  • Geographic Information Systems:
    • How it can help African countries in technical works and disasters
  • The Open Ecosystem (Open Education, Open Access, Open data, Open Government, Open Source Software, etc): A friend or foe to academic scholarship?
  • e-Learning: Using modern techniques for Engineering Education
  • Future of Telecommunications in Africa
  • Digital Disruption and Disruptive Technologies

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