Call for Papers – African Engineering Conference Nov 2016

The Nigerian Society of Engineers in collaboration with the Federation of African Engineering Organisations and UNESCO is holding an Afircan Engineering Conference on Energy in November 2016.

Theme: Reliable and Sustainable Energy for Africa

A Call for Papers is out for the Conference on Energy.

Conference Brochure

Contact information:

Engr. Sola Obadimu, MNSE

Executive Secretary

Conference Registration: USD $300




The Sub-Themes are:

  • Energy Resources, Exploration, Exploitation and Development
  • Energy Conversion Technology
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Renewable Energy Systems – Wind, Solar, Biomass, Biofuel and Tidal
  • Geothermal and Hydro
  • Energy Utilization Systems
  • Energy Storage and Transportation
  • Energy Safety and the Environment
  • The Economics of Energy
  • Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Energy Systems
  • Energy Efficiency and Management
  • Codes and Standards for Energy Systems
  • Procurement Practices for Energy Industries
  • Legal Aspects of Energy

Further information can be downloaded here

Anyone interested in producing a paper for this conference, please contact Ing Amadu Barrie


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