SLWE Creating Waves

At the monthly meeting of the Saturday Club for Sierra Leone Women Engineers and prospective engineers, a very interesting session on wave motion and theory was underway on Saturday, 12 March 2016. It was a lively well attended event in which most of the four Secondary schools invited were represented. Ing Trudy Morgan introduced the session and asked if any of the girls had done the homework. Two girls remembered the homework and were able to explain it.

Pupils at the first Sat Club Meeting
Pupils at the SLIE for the Saturday Club every month

Ing Louise Chaytor took over the session and explained that the topic was Waves. The girls actively participated in the session and created circular waves in bowls of water with pencils, droplets of water and spoons. Then they watched some videos on longitudinal and transverse waves, taking note of the terms – wavelength, speed, direction and time. They learnt what type of waves are longitudinal and which common waves are transverse. After the session, Ing Chaytor gave them homework to find out about other types of waves – electromagnetic waves and microwaves. In addition to the secondary school girls who major in Engineering science, a student from FBC and other SLWE members were present.