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Kiosk, Water Supply Service Option in Freetown

By Ing. Francis Moijue

Freetown is the capital city of Sierra Leone and Guma Valley Water Company (GVWC) is the utility responsible for water services provision in and around Freetown. GVWC is super-vised by the Ministry of Water Resources through a Board of Directors of the Company. The Act that established GVWC gave it monopoly for water supply in Freetown and its envi-rons (Sussex to the West through the City to Allen Town in the East).

The main water source (90%) for the city of Freetown, origi-nates from the Guma dam and water treatment works...

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PRINCES Foundation Course

Princes Foundation Course

The Prince’s Foundation has designed and is to roll out a Practical Training Course in Sustainable Design. This will be a five week (4 day a week) programme which aims to assist young people in the industry gain a better understanding of how to think through and design sustainably for tropical countries, like ours. It will be a combination of lectures, demonstrations, workshops and tours, all aimed at providing the tools for better designing.

Although the aim of the exercise is better sustainable design, a very important part of the process is a better understanding of the fundamentals of engineering (specifically structural in this case). The Prince’s Foundation is a charity and therefore (1) fees are not being charged and (2) half of the participants will be those who “build” in com...

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