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Wedding Bells – Our Own Publicity Secretary

Wedding bells were ringing this last Saturday as our own Ing Georgette Greene got married. The glowing bride had a two-day celebration – the reception was immediately after the well-attended lovely ceremony at Wesley Methodist Church, Lamina Sankoh Street in Freetown. She is now Mrs. Georgette Okyne as she got married to her namesake Mr. George Okyne.  As they proceeded down the steps of the church after the signing of the register, they were greeted with guests by the traditonal gumbe drumming. Our bride looked really happy as she danced to the traditional music.  The wedding reception took place downstairs in the church basement hall. The John Ezzidio Hall was beautifully decorated with lovely summer colours of gold, orange and beige.

Newly weds coming down the isle

George and Georgette coming down the isle.

Newly weds on their special day

Newly we...

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SLWE – Innovation in Energy

At this month’s Saturday Club, prospective girl engineers were working hard at learning about energy. The young ladies from four secondary schools who are majoring in Engineering science came to the SLIE Secretariat on 9 April 2016, and were entertained and learned from Ing Trudy Morgan about construction and what considerations need to be made when doing construction. After a brief introduction, including Ing Georgette Greene and Ing Chaytor and a friend of Georgette’s, it was time to start the session.

Ing Chaytor took over introducing the session on renewable energy with a video featuring renowned entrepreneur and inventor – Ms. Jessica O. Matthews who invented a generator from a soccer ball – called Soccket. She is the founder and CEO of UnChartered Play...

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SLWE Creating Waves

At the monthly meeting of the Saturday Club for Sierra Leone Women Engineers and prospective engineers, a very interesting session on wave motion and theory was underway on Saturday, 12 March 2016. It was a lively well attended event in which most of the four Secondary schools invited were represented. Ing Trudy Morgan introduced the session and asked if any of the girls had done the homework. Two girls remembered the homework and were able to explain it.

Pupils at the first Sat Club Meeting

Pupils at the SLIE for the Saturday Club every month

Ing Louise Chaytor took over the session and explained that the topic was Waves. The girls actively participated in the session and created circular waves in bowls of water with pencils, droplets of water and spoons...

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